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Who dares to take the “monkey” on their shoulder?

Why energy companies struggle to make decisions, and what they can do about it

Utilities & alternative energy Organization & transformation

Ambidextrous Organizations – Build sustainable organizational advantage

Achieve a tailored organizational equilibrium that delivers speed & creativity as well as scale & productivity!

Organization & transformation

Four key questions to consider for successful digital transformation

Strategy, Organization & transformation, Digital transformation & analytics

Seizing the digital opportunities in pharma

Preparing your organization and monetizing the digital technologies

Healthcare & life sciences Strategy, Organization & transformation

Dynamic innovation strategy

How to develop a strategy for innovation in the fast- moving digital world

Strategy, Organization & transformation, Technology & innovation management

Digital platforms in freight transportation

A true industry disruptor?

Travel & transportation Strategy, Organization & transformation

Innovation in the Indian life insurance industry

Improving customer retention through predictive analytics

Financial services Strategy, Organization & transformation

Digital workplace

The foundation of the digital organization

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME) Strategy, Organization & transformation

Diversification in the Era of Convergence

Responding to the opportunities and threats of industry convergence

Strategy, Organization & transformation

The Future of Urban Mobility

Towards networked, multimodal cities of 2050

Strategy, Organization & transformation