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Urban Logistics

How to unlock value from last mile delivery for cities, transporters and retailers

Today, 64% of all travel happens within urban environments, and the total amount of urban kilometers traveled is expected to triple by 2050. A similar trend is anticipated in terms of urban goods distribution, with e-commerce being the fastest-growing driver of urban deliveries, which also...

Travel & transportation

Telecom and Media

How to ride the OTT wave

The telecom and media space is going through significant changes as the way we consume media evolves. In 2014, the move to content digitalization accelerated and we received confirmation of the emergence of key players in the video and music distribution industry.

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Developing a customer experience

Excellent customer experience need not be elusive

Excellent customer experience (CEX) remains elusive. Companies struggle with CEX due to lack of clear accountability at board level, or because they do not challenge their assumptions about what they think customers really want, or how they really feel about the service or product being offered...

Marketing & sales, Technology & innovation management

Airports 4.0

Impact of Digital Transformation on Airport Economics

Airports are at the fore-front of global challenges and innovations of our society and business, among which Digital Transformation. Arthur D. Little highlights the impact of Digital Transformation on Airport Economics.

Travel & transportation

Time to better leverage LTE?

Benchmarks, dynamics and insights into mobile data services

The current global trend towards tariff reduction highlights the importance of generating and promoting data usage through LTE’s enhanced customer experience.

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

French media in the crisis: storm or tsunami?

Arthur D. Little France Media Flow of Funds

The French media market is undergoing a profound transformation as a result of the economic crisis, but also because of structural changes such as the development of digital media and the emergence of new forms of consumption. With its unique Media Flow of Funds methodology Arthur D.

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

The Economics of Telecoms in France, 2014 edition

Arthur D. Little study “The Economics of Telecoms in France” focuses on Telecoms industry health and telecoms impact on the economy.

This new study presents, in a factual way, the changes taking place in the digital value chain. Due to the digitalization of the economy, value has been massively and exponentially moving to new categories of players.

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Unlock the hidden value of infrastructure

Commercial offering – the new value engine of airports, stations, highways, stadiums and hospitals

Airports, PT stations, railway stations, stadiums, highways, clinics and hospitals are diversifying their activities in retail and services to secure sustainable new growth relays and enhance customer experience.

Travel & transportation

Next-Generation Product Cost Management

A holistic and networked approach to cost-efficient products beyond one-time efforts

Companies in the manufacturing industry today have to face a variety of challenges emerging from volatile market environments and increasing competitive pressure. Product cost management plays an increasing role in sustaining profitability and competitiveness. The Arthur D.

Industrial goods & services Technology & innovation management

Global open innovation survey

In April 2014, MEDEF launched an initiative dedicated to promoting Open Innovation in France in conjunction with Arthur D. Little and Bluenove. One of the first initiatives of the Committee was to develop an analysis of the French enterprise maturity level in the Open Innovation domain.  On...

Technology & innovation management