At Arthur D. Little, we assist chemical companies - ranging from large petrochemical manufacturers to specialty producers - facing complex challenges in rapidly changing situations, often under very demanding economic, competitive and technological conditions.

    With them, our Chemicals Practice drives change in the industry on a global scale, by:

    • developing innovative, effective solutions as the industry evolves
    • ensuring the sustainable and successful development of chemical companies in a competitive global environment.

    Our ability to ensure that clients realize the maximum value from their investments, from discovery through development to commercialization, is what sets us apart and makes us the preferred advisory among our clients:

    Strategy & Portfolio Management

    At Arthur D. Little, we work with our clients to help define their ambitions and develop detailed strategic plans for achieving their goals.

    Faced with the rapid change in the chemical industry, many companies are forced to rethink their business models, positions in the value chain and geographic footprints. Sample services include (not comprehensive):

    • Corporate and business unit strategy
    • Scenario forecasting
    • Mergers and acquisitions analysis and support
    • Portfolio optimization and management

    Our strategy methodology, "Ambition-Driven Strategy", enables our clients to set higher goals and achieve strategic advantage in the marketplace, while enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.

    Organization and Performance Improvement

    Operational excellence is at the top of the agenda for chemical executives who recognize that world-class operations are the key to staying ahead of the competition.

    At Arthur D. Little, we help chemical organizations build supply chain networks, implement manufacturing efficiency programs, and leverage global resources through outsourcing and off-shoring.

    Expertise such as:

    • Organizational and governance redesign
    • Operations strategy improvement
    • Working-capital reductions
    • Logistics and distribution optimization

    Our preferred approach, where appropriate, is inclusive and integrated. We secure success by encouraging staff and employee representatives to play a constructive role in a bottom-up process, rather than imposing objectives from the top.

    M&A Support

    Mergers and acquisitions remain a key tool for optimizing and developing enterprise value. Whether these opportunities are new markets, technologies, partnerships or acquisitions, we provide holistic, fact-based, objective assessments.

    Our expertise, for example:

    • Due-diligence support
    • Market entry and expansion strategy
    • Technology transfer
    • Post-merger integration.

    Our team of professionals has extensive experience working with clients to identify, characterize and evaluate opportunities.

    Our support is sought by companies that who value our in-depth technological knowledge and industry backbone.

    Sustainability & Risk Management

    As sustainability and risk management expands beyond its traditional focus on health, safety and the environment, chemical companies are re-examining and refocusing their product and technology portfolios. A Sustainable performances enhance chemical players’ competitive positions while improving efficiency.

    Our Chemicals Practice works with clients to help integrate sustainability into their business strategies so that measurable and lasting results are achieved.

    For example:

    • Sustainability opportunity and risk management
    • Implementation of sustainable business processes
    • Best practices in sustainability and risk management
    • Integration of sustainability throughout supply chain networks

    The future leaders of the industry will be those companies that know how to tackle the changing market conditions, embrace technology innovation and manage sustainability risks in a socially responsible and environmentally sound manner.

    Technology & Innovation Management

    The chemicals industry is constantly striving to develop innovative products and enhance the efficiency of its processes. We know that innovation determines the future potential of your company!

    We assist our clients’ understanding of the true value of their technology portfolios, advising them on what to acquire, accelerate, maintain or divest. We also assist in the creation of innovative products and services by capturing opportunities created by key market and consumer mega-trends. We indetify feedstock opportunities and moving new ideas into the pipeline on budget and within the set time scales.

    Services such as:

    • Innovation strategy and planning
    • R&D process optimization
    • Product and technology portfolio management
    • Technology forecasting and assessments

    We support our clients in all aspects of technology and innovation management, aiming to ensure that innovation, whether in products or processes, is converted rapidly into added value.