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Operations management

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Operational Performance Excellence

Die Finanzkrise wirkt sich auf alle Branchen aus. Unternehmen müssen jetzt zügig reagieren, um die negativen Auswirkungen sinkender Nachfrage und begrenztem Zugang zu Kapital zu umgehen. Einer der wichtigsten Ansätze auf dem Weg dahin ist die Optimierung der Wertschöpfungskette, die nachhaltiges...
Operations management

Money's not all banks buy

Strategic Supplier Management for Financial Services Organisations

Purchasing, as a rule, is not part of a bank or insurance company’s core business. As a result, financial services organisations often underestimate both the risks associated with purchasing and the advantages of managing suppliers and product groups in a systematic way. Strategic management of...
Financial services, Operations management

Networked Procurement

Networking as future strategy delivers measurable higher and sustainable value for your company

The underlying reason being the low degree of networking of procurement with other functions, which often can be explained through the amendable qualification of procurement employees and the resulting lack of acceptance for procurement.
Operations management

No Stone Unturned?

Purchasing alliances between portfolio companies in private equity context

Without doubt, reducing purchasing costs would be a more amicable solution, and would also have a positive effect on the short-term cash flow. The following approach demonstrates how Private Equity Associations can support their portfolio companies’ purchasing process through joint purchasing. When...
Operations management

Regaining control

How to break free from the complexity trap

In addition, value chains are far more complex than ever before. In fact, the diversification of products and markets has reached such a level that aligning the overall portfolio with the operations system is now a major concern for operations managers worldwide. To manage this everincreasing...
Operations management

Excellence through the Downturn

Repositioning the Company in the Competitive Landscape

Progressive companies are seeing the current environment as a tremendous opportunity to create value by strengthening their positions and emerging from the downturn in a new and competitively advantaged position. They are applying innovative thinking to reduce extraneous costs and re-investing a...
Operations management

Supply Chain Performance Excellence

Realising potential within the supply chain to drive down costs and optimise service

A research study by Arthur D. Little shows that many companies are not currently taking advantage of supply chain excellence practices or are not doing so fully. Excellence practices can help companies to identify the precise service levels below which any further decrease causes changes in the...
Operations management

Green Purchasing Power

Cost Reduction and Revenue Generation through Sustainable Procurement

As stakeholders become increasingly insistent that "promises made" by the CEO become "promises delivered", business leaders will need to extract and manage increasing innovation from suppliers as well as employees to deliver on commitment to sustainable performance.
Operations management, Sustainability

Design to Customer Value

"Design to customer value" is a cross-functional approach that simultaneously optimises the product in terms of customer benefits and product life-cycle costs. Key elements include an analysis of customer requirements and product functions and technical competitor benchmarking. Delivering average...
Industrial goods & services, Operations management


Helping companies reduce waste, variability and inflexibility

Players in virtually every industry recognise the lean approach as a powerful way to boost performance by improving cost, quality and customer service simultaneously. Central to the lean approach is its ability to mobilise people to eliminate waste, variability and inflexibility.
Strategy, Operations management